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How do you choose the best binoculars?

If you really want to enjoy the birds, animals and landscape around you, at home and when travelling, good binoculars are essential. Do you often travel with your binoculars, do you use them most often in local nature, at the coast or do you like to go out at dusk? With the right binoculars, your experience will be so much better. That is why we would like to tell you what to look for when purposefully buying binoculars.

5 steps to your ideal binoculars:

To get a little closer to nature with the right binoculars, you just need to know yourself. Can you answer the following five questions? Then before you know it, you will have the right binoculars!

Will you be bird watching, travelling or going out at dusk?

Do you want binoculars with one or two eyepieces?

How much do you want to magnify the object you are looking at?

Do you want a large, bright, or a light, compact scope?

What else is important to your viewing experience?
The activity in which you want to use your binoculars is important for your choice. Thus, the required lens strength will depend on the distance and image width you want to cover.

When travelling
            + A ‘limited’ magnification of 8 to 10 times ensures a calm image and sufficient magnification
            + An objective diameter of 20-40 mm makes for light, compact binoculars
            + Fits very well in the smaller hand, e.g. for ladies and children
            + Is easy to carry, even in a suitcase, jacket or backpack
            + Perfect for spotting birds and wildlife during the day, exploring landscapes and architecture
            - Less suitable for twilight viewing, due to the small lens diameter

Bird and wildlife spotting
            + A ‘limited’ magnification of 8 to 10 times ensures a calm image and sufficient magnification
            + 40-50 mm objective diameter makes for universally useful binoculars that are not too big and heavy
            + Fits the hands of women, men and children very well
            + Hangs effortlessly and comfortably around your neck for a whole day
            + Perfect for spotting birds and wildlife, exploring landscapes and architecture
            + Better suited to twilight viewing due to the average objective diameter
            - Less compact than travel binoculars
At twilight
            + A ‘limited’ magnification of 8 to 10 times ensures a calm image and sufficient magnification
            + An objective diameter of 50-60+ mm makes these binoculars specialists for twilight viewing
            + Fits very well in the larger hand
            + The large exit pupil ensures a very comfortable view
            + Perfect for spotting birds and wildlife in twilight and challenging light conditions
            + Optimal for twilight viewing due to the large, bright lens diameter
            - The large objective diameter has the disadvantage that the viewer becomes quite large and heavy
            - Is a pair of binoculars you don’t hang around your neck all day but use at the right moments

Maintenance of your binoculars

Don’t forget the maintenance of your binoculars, regardless of their quality. Make sure the binoculars are always stored in a dry place. Always check that the lenses are clean before using the binoculars. Do not clean the lenses with your t-shirt, jumper or jacket; always have a clean, grease-free microfibre cloth with you. Remove dust and sand with a soft brush before rubbing. This will prevent scratches. It is best to get a cleaning kit when you buy your binoculars. Taking good care of your binoculars will ensure many years of viewing pleasure.

Did you know.

  1. Bynolyt started manufacturing binoculars over 40 years ago
  2. The binoculars are designed in Wormerveer
  3. The binoculars are put to the test in the clay of North Holland before they are launched on the market
  4. Bynolyt is still the only existing Dutch brand of binoculars. In the past, Bleeker optics, Oude delft and Nedinsco also operated as binocular manufacturers
  5. Bynolyt has its own service & support department where repairs and maintenance are often completed within a week
  6. Production takes into account the environment, sustainability and working conditions in the factories.

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