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Stork 20-60x60



Productcode 00871390
Barcode 8718754531191
Description For years, Stork binoculars have been very popular with a wide audience. The robust construction and colouring combined with the optical quality are widely appreciated. This series is now completed with an equally beautifully lined telescope. This new Stork telescope is very compactly built, waterproof, lightweight (only 1050gr!) and yet equipped with a large 60mm objective. This makes it an all-round telescope that you can even easily take with you on a birdwatching trip through Africa. The integrated 20-60 zoom eyepiece provides high magnification for detailed observation at long distances. Thanks to the close-up setting of 6m, this scope is also suitable for insects such as dragonflies, butterflies etc. This eyepiece is equipped with a twist-up eye rubber that also suits spectacle wearers perfectly. The Stork features the latest multi-coatings on all glass/air surfaces, delivering a brilliant and colour-fast image. Comes with a handy stay-on bag so the telescope remains very well protected during use.

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