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Bynolyt warranty


Congratulations on the purchase of your Bynolyt binocular and/or telescope!

Every BYNOLYT binocular and telescope comes with a 10* year warranty. When you present a pair of binoculars for repair, you should enclose a (copy) purchase receipt*. Registration after purchase is not necessary!

*Do you still have a warranty card with a longer warranty period? Then this period applies. In that case, please send both the purchase receipt and the guarantee card.

Should you ever encounter a problem, please contact the shop of purchase or another Bynolyt outlet. They will process your service request for which they will ask for a (copy) purchase receipt.

Warranty conditions

Any BYNOLYT binocular and telescope showing manufacturing and/or material defects will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period.
Warranty is only granted if the binoculars are accompanied by a (copy) purchase receipt. Keep your receipt in a safe place! Call or e-mail us for more information.


- Fall and/or impact damage
- Water and/or moisture damage (excluding waterproof models)
- Inexpert use, poor maintenance, user damage and wear and tear
- Repair by third parties

Technolyt is not liable for damage during transport of your package.

Objective protection caps

The objective and eyepiece protective caps are made to keep the lenses of the binoculars dust-free after manufacture. When you unpack the binocular and store it in the bag, it is not immediately necessary to leave these caps on, as they fall off easily. It is better to keep them separate and only use them when the binocular is not used for a longer period of time. Experience shows that when you keep putting the caps back on, they often end up in nature, polluting the environment.

*Exception are rain caps for the eyepieces. These come with some scopes and have a possibility to be attached to the carrying strap so you can't lose them.


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